Hi there, I'm Lee Powers, a Super Super Curious - Creative Director | 3D Motion | CGI | NFT Artist | Retired Fashion + Advertising Photographer. Super Super Dope is the home for my various creative projects.

Sometimes I work on the idea, sometimes I'm in the 3d tools creating and sometimes I do both. 3d, Photo Realistic, Product Focused, Virtual Productions, excite the hell out of me.

A Results Driven, Highly Agile Creative Professional with over twenty years experience in Visual Story Telling and Creative Leadership.

If you have a project or opportunity you would like to discuss, or if you are a Creative on the look out for some advice and / or mentorship, please do reach out.

email at lee{@}supersuperdope.com

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Photography Arhive + NFT's here; www.leepowers.com




Super Super Dope

Creative Direction, 3D Motion Design and CGI.

Feel free to contact Lee via email. e:lee{@}supersuperdope.com