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Who We Are

We’re a bunch of middled aged hipsters who like to sit around and come up with funny slogans and then we think it would be cool to put them on products and have folks wear them, use them or put them up in their spaces.

How We Do It.

So guess what? Our shit doesn’t exist until someone buys it, hopefully you ย ๐Ÿ™‚

All our products are ‘made to order‘.

Why? We hear you say, well heres a few thoughts, firstly theres enough shit floating around in the oceans and filling up our landfills, so we don’t want to add to this waste.

So our simple response to this is, you like, you buy it, we make it ๐Ÿ™‚

We of course love our designs, thats why we put them up on our website and also on our Etsy store, however, we let the market and you our fabulous customers decide if these products should to come to life, sit on your head, be on you wall, keep you looking dope,ย and / or carry all your shit around.

And dont forget we’re making some pretty dope tees and onesies for the little hipsters in your life.

So you see, why make more shit that nobody wants? Surely this is the future for retail, otherwise we’ll all be swimming around the oceans in more of our unwanted shit and just to think you only need to wait only a few extras days (normally 2-5 business days) for us to make our products and ship them out to you.

Sounds pretty dope right?

Maybe its super super dope?

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