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Who We Are

Just who or what is Super Super Dope?

In short, we’re a team of creatives who love to get our hustle on and come up with the most dope, motivational, funny, inspiring quotes, which we proceed to slap onto our kickass custom American Apparel Tees, Fleece Sweatshirts, Youth Tee’s, Headwear and iPhone Cases.

Super Super Dope is led by our British Creative Director, Lee Powers, a confirmed bonafide hustler, Lee boasts years of experience within the world of fashion and advertising. (Read more on Lee and The Dope in The Hustlers Journal)

Super Super Dope Creative Director Lee Powers

Super Super Dope Creative Director Lee Powers on set with Canadian Actor Jay Baruchel.

We believe in not only giving you the best swag, we also want your merch to get to you in the shortest time possible, that’s why our dope shipping widget ‘automagically’ sends your order to our closest production partners, in either the West Coast of US or Europe.

The best part? We send all your Super Super Dope gear at absolutely zero cost, no matter where you are! BOOM!! Yes Free World Wide Shipping on all orders, no bull shit, no minimum spend, just good old free shipping.

How We Do It.

Here at Super Super Dope we make our products to order.

We feel theres enough shit floating around in the oceans and filling up our landfills and we don’t want to add to this.

We of course love our fresh designs and dope apparel and accessories, thats why we put them up on our website and also on our Etsy store.

So you see, why make more shit speculating it will sell? We believe and hope this is the future for retail, otherwise we’ll all be swimming around the oceans in more of our unwanted shit. And just to think you only need to wait only a few extras days (normally 2-5 business days) for us to produce our products and ship them out to you.

Sounds pretty dope right?

Maybe its super super dope?

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